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We are looking for passionate, creative, and experienced trail runners or walkers who would like to become Heritage Trail Series Ambassadors. 


We are looking for passionate, creative, and experienced trail runners or walkers who would like to become Heritage Trail Series Ambassadors.

We ask that our Ambassadors:

  • Have a genuine passion for the British countryside and gardens

  • Have a genuine interest in taking part in the event, either running or hiking/walking 

  • Like to inspire others to take on the challenge of a 10km trail run

Content strategy


Sharing engaging and quality content with imagery that highlights our event to your audience in a positive and inspirational manner


Share our values around trail running / walking and why everyone should experience it for themselves


Share promotional offers for the event with your followers alongside reasons to take part

What we offer


We want you to speak credibly and genuinely to your target audience about the event, rather than paying you to say the things we want you to say. This is your content - we want it created in your way


What we offer you as an ambassador will depend on the size of your community. Generally, we will offer a number of free entries for you and your community


Official merchandise or kit (ideally to be worn in related content)

Early info

A sneak peak of our routes and / or important information


Where we can, we will work with our partners to help support your content or offer you additional benefits and kickbacks

Our mission

Trail running is as much about enjoying the environment you are running through than it is the achievement of running a certain distance.  We believe that trail running events should allow people to forget about setting a time or their perceived performance and focus on the challenge in front of them.

Furthermore, while runners and walkers have easy access to their local green spaces, they don’t often have the knowledge or confidence to seek them out.

Heritage Trail Series aims to challenge traditional mindsets and encourage people to explore the UK’s countryside at fully supported trail events on beautiful yet challenging routes.

It is our mission to create trail events that convert people from running (and walking) around their local streets to exploring their local countryside, for their fitness, health and mental wellbeing.

How to apply

1. Follow us on Instagram

2. Send us a direct message to let us know you're interested and why you think you would be a good ambassador for Heritage Trail Series.

Ambassadors will be chosen based on the criteria laid out above.